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Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports Nutrition

Protein shakes and sport supplements supplied to the UK’s athletes by Fission Nutrition. Our professional grade sports nutrition supplements are now available to anyone serious about sport. Building muscle or improving performance we provide quality products for sports nutrition. These tailored formulas provide the best results for muscle, size and body tone.

In our continued mission to endorse British talent Fission Nutrition supply sports nutrition products to the Oxford Rugby League team and Team Fission. Our athletes feel the benefits of our nutritional supplements and diet shakes immediately.

Our latest addition to our product store is Fission Nutrition’s BCAA:

“BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) contain 4 amino acids providing essential building blocks of protein. The body doesn’t make these amino acids; making them a vital part of the diet for protein synthesis as they can help with atrophy as well as being used by the muscles when glucose levels are low.”

Fuel Your Success – Fission Nutrition products.
Fat Loss Diet Whey Protein Shakes Supplements Nutrition Oxford

In the world today where every person desires to look their best, there is an increasing need for performance and physique enhancing products. While there are many dietary supplements being showcased in the market and hyped to be the best, only a few of them deliver on what is promised. We are in the frontline providing whey protein-rich products which help in the gaining and toning of muscles.

What is Whey Protein?

Simply defined, whey protein is a type of milk protein created as a byproduct in cheese production. It is commonly marketed as a dietary supplement with various health benefits. In supplement form, whey comes in 3 main categories.

Whey Protein Concentrate – This is a form of whey protein that contains lactose, fat and a protein concentrate of between 29% and 89%. It may also contain bioactive compounds.

Whey Protein Isolates – This form of supplement contains minimal cholesterol, fat, lactose as well as a protein concentration of 90% and above.

Whey Protein Hydrolysates – This third form of whey protein is commonly used in clinical nutrition due to the fact that it is predigested and partially broken hence easier to absorb.

What You Stand to Benefit from Our products

We offer top of the range products tailor-made just for you. Our wide collection of products ensures that you always enjoy an optimum nutrition. Among the benefits include:

Muscle Building – We offer great products designed to boost your nutritional plan and workout regime. Our products are easily absorbed in the body and as such excellent for post workout recoveries.

Body Toning – Instead of settling for a questionable fat loss diet, our whey protein products will help you in toning up and sculpting a lean hard body. The concentrates and isolates we use are low in fat and contain fewer grams of carbohydrates. Our protein shakes contain fibre which helps in filling you up.

Optimal Health – The amino acids contained in our whey protein weight loss supplements guarantee you the growth of healthy muscles, harmonisation of metabolic functions as well as enzyme and hormone production.

Athletic Performance – Our sports supplements enhance the development of lean muscle which is the foundation of any athlete’s performance. In addition, we have a wide range of sports nutrition and diet shakes for protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

What more! All our whey protein Oxford products ranging from fat loss diet to protein shakes are designed with digestibility and bioavailability in mind. They contain all essential amino acids thereby assuring you optimum nutrition